Black and white photo of a building surrounded by lift cranes, in front of an open space with a roundabout. In the foreground, three people walking and several vintage cars are visible.

The government quarter

Black and white photo of a island in the middle of calm waters. The island has a forrest and some buildings. There are some bushes and trees in the foreground.


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"We will not give up in the struggle for what we believe in. We will come back to Utøya."

Eskil Pedersen, Leader of the Workers' Youth League (AUF)
Press Conference at Sundvolden hotel.
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Why was I one of the lucky ones? The government building complex still stirs painful memories. Something in my body tells me to get out of there. Run.

Eivind Dahl Thoresen / survivor from the government building complex
VG, 21 July 2016
Brown teddy bear with a bow around the neck and a note with illegible writing. The teddy bear is in an exhibition stand.

Objects and collections

Color photo with areal view of island surrounded by water.

The heart of the Labour youth league - Utøya's political history

Broken windows. Dark wood color

The government quarter in Oslo

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