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The conspiracy theory Eurabia

The term Eurabia is a combination of the words Europe and Arabia and is a conspiracy theory that alleges that European elites (political, academic, and others) are collaborating with Arab countries to increase Muslim immigration to Europe. According to conspiracy theorists, the goal is to transform Europe into an Islamic colony. There are no evidence to support this theory, and therefore holds no truth.

Books written by authors which support the Eurabia-theory that Breivik writes about in his manifesto.

In a Norwegian context, the political elite considered as the "inner enemy" working to Islamize Norway is primarily the Labour Party. Anders Behring Breivik also regards academia, the media, and most parties in the Norwegian Parliament as co-responsible for this alleged agenda. The term "Eurabia" is mentioned 174 times in the terrorist's compendium. "Islam" and "Muslim" are mentioned 3466 and 3689 times, respectively, in the approximately 1500 pages, providing insight into Breivik's political beliefs.

The conspiracy theory of Eurabia is more or less present throughout Europe, involving different so-called inner enemies in each country. Typically, parties and media associated with the political left are targeted. One of the main proponents of the conspiracy theory is British-Egyptian Gisèle Littman, known as Bat Ye’or. In Norway, the blogger Fjordman has particularly advocated for these ideas.

The concept that political elites within a country collaborate and conspire with external enemies, is also prominent in conspiracy theories about Jews. Today, there is a tendency for anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim conspiracy theories to merge in the belief that Jews are actively working to flood Europe with Muslims. In other words, the idea is that Jews function as puppet masters pulling the strings to facilitate Islamization.